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by Maria Madalena ONeill

Maoona is a child who lives on a planet identical to ours, and like all children sometimes has difficulties in life.

She meets a lady of light who takes her traveling to magical worlds where she finds some solutions to her questions. Visiting these worlds helps her to understand that some troubles, which make her feel so sad and angry, are not so important after all.

She learns that some people are different, that everyone has their own light deep inside them and makes a very special friend.

The book has many beautiful color illustrations that make it a delight for children to read. It is recommended for children eight years old and above.

About the Author

Maria Madalena O'Neill was born in Lisbon Portugal. She has always been very interested in nature and in the mystery of existence.

Interested in ancient history, lost civilizations, myths and legends, ONeill presented in a Portuguese Museum some artwork about Celtic ancient civilization. The paintings were about The Battle of Moytura. It is found in a 16th century manuscript, but is believed to be a composite work compiled in the 12th century from 9th century material. Children came from all schools to listen to the legends and appreciate the paintings.

ONeill thinks that children should learn how to respect all living beings on the planet. They should also play more outside and not spend so much with their computers.

(2013, Hardcover, 144 pages)