Open History

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Open History

Open History

By: Bobby Gunter

About the Book

Open History: Doors of Warwick, Oklahoma is about the history of the author’s small hometown of Warwick, Oklahoma. Located on Route 66 and between the towns of Wellston and Chandler, Warwick, the biggest of the three towns back in the day, was a good town and the people were just as good.


About the Author

Bobby Gunter likes to garden, can the produce he grows, and cook. He was raised in Warwick, Oklahoma, and wanted to share the history of the town and the stories his grandma used to tell. Gunter remains close to Warwick at his home between Wellston and Luther, Oklahoma. He welcomes people to visit Warwick and if he happens to be passing through at the same time, he’d love to stop and talk. Gunter would like to send thanks to Dora Campbell, “for our history.”


(2019, Paperback, 42 pages)