Ophidian's Gaze

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Ophidian's Gaze

Ophidian's Gaze

By: Bill Tabor


About the Book

In a small 1970s Appalachian coal town, residents find themselves embroiled in mystery and uncontrolled rumor. A lethal menace has found its way onto sleepy Main Street where it quickly claims two victims then quietly slips away. As town officials deal with unexplained death, a local drug dealer becomes frantically fearful of capture and begins to act irrationally. Amid violent acts and uncertainty, local law enforcement must quell townsfolk’s fear. Add to all this an interfering federal agent from some unknown government agency and you have Ophidian’s Gaze.


About the Author

Bill Tabor is now retired and lives in Abbs Valley, Virginia, with his beautiful wife Zenith, where he enjoys reading, writing, and raising chickens. Ophidian’s Gaze is his fourth novel. He previously published Tipple HollerBamboo Sally, and Pickin Bone in the Bible Belt. He is also a published poet and short story writer.


(2021, Paperback, 236 Pages)


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