Oregon Billy

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Oregon Billy

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Oregon Billy
by Vincent L. Pelosi

In the 1860s, a poor, kind-hearted wood carver leaves his beloved Poland to try his luck in America.

Grasping every opportunity with both hands and hopeful that the poverty of his past is now only a memory, he settles into his new country.

His world is turned upside down however, when tragedy strikes.

But he is determined, and over time he makes friends who appreciate his craftsmanship. They encourage him to travel to Italy with his eight-year-old son. There he enters his true-to-life puppet named Oregon Billy in an international puppet competition.

About the Author

Vincent L. Pelosi migrated from Italy to Australia as a young boy in the 1950s. He completed his law studies in 1970 and shortly after set up his own legal firm in Leichhardt, a suburb of Sydney, where he still practices today.

Pelosi has written two other books: The Cuttende' and The Magical World of Corallina the Baby Blue Whale.

(2010, paperback, 94 pages)