Orphan Moon

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Orphan Moon
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Orphan Moon
by Rick Cox

Thought-provoking and fun to read, Orphan Moon confirms humility as both attainable and revelatory while pride, humilitys antagonist, breeds ignorance. The book allows bloodlines and family traits spanning six generations to touch in the persons of Joseph Beaumont and Willie Earl Jeffers.

Joseph is a self- described Texan, keeper of treasures, and reader of books. He has a rare listening ear and quiet wisdom and becomes a mentor of sorts to the inquisitive adolescent. The awakening of the boys consciousness of heritage while remaining unsure of its relevance or worth provides the backdrop to challenges and adventures of the 1960s family clan.

Willie Earl is to learn that life, legacy, and spirituality blend together nicely in accord, even as his unlikely Texas tutor, the eccentric Joseph, realizes his own healing.

About the Author

Rick Cox is a life-long resident of the Arkansas River valley close by Fort Smith. He is a retired medical technologist and is author of the books Hidden Valley and Passage. He plays multiple musical instruments and has taught Bible Sunday School for three decades.

Rick believes that each generation in its own predicament and peculiarity re-addresses orthodoxy (right thinking), and heresy (wrong thinking). Some individuals do so seriously, some quite frivolously, and some with appalling apathy, while bias against Truth loves the tunnel vision of present time.

(2013, paperback, 280 pages)