Our Children Are Worth Saving: PBS Is the Solution

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Our Children Are Worth Saving: PBS Is the Solution
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Our Children Are Worth Saving
by Dorothy Robinson

Author Dorothy Robinson has implemented a system that her mother had taught and subsequently used to raise her own children. It was based on unbendable rules, expectations, and rewards for doing well. Our Children Are Worth Saving is an important book, proving that nobody wants to be punished, but everyone wants to be rewarded. Robinson began applying this system every time she taught a different class and used these methodologies to set up a successful in-school suspension program. The results of that program were amazing, seeing how eager students were to attend Robinsons classes due to her teaching methods. She firmly believes no child should receive less education due to socio-economic conditions.

About the Author:

Dorothy Robinson is a great-grandmother who has made learning a lifelong journey. She has been involved in the educational system for over fifty years through her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Her motivation stemmed from her mothers belief that education is the key that unlocks povertys door. After working in the corporate world for thirty-two years, Robinson decided to become a substitute teacher. She felt that would be a great opportunity to teach students about real life issues. She was appalled at the conditions of the public schools and the deterioration of the educational system. Robinson became very discouraged when she saw the way students were disciplined and how futile it was. She is extremely passionate about reforming the present educational system because every child deserves a great education in order to succeed in life.

(2016, Paperback, 134 pages)