Our Eyes Never Lie

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Our Eyes Never Lie
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Our Eyes Never Lie
by Sol Goldenberg

Author Sol Goldenberg was a family physician in London, England, for 32 years. His passion for poetry and writing equaled his love for medicine. The personal care he offered his patients encouraged him to maintain a high standard of medical knowledge. He became highly appreciated and respected by his patients. He counseled and treated each patient with utmost integrity. He experienced tragedy and humor during his medical career. His departure to the United States of America was a great loss to his patients and his community. He became dismayed when he could not practice the type of personal medical care he was used to. He soon realized that to a few doctors, medical care in the USA was a business. The Affordable Care Act was the first step to making healthcare much more affordable and universally available to residents of the United States; but because it is managed by the insurance companies rather than the State it has become a financial source of income and burden to them rather than an institution of unbiased medical care.

(2017, Paperback, 58 pages)