Our Lady of Miraculous "Medal" and "Ring" Devotion (Healing Prayer)

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Our Lady of Miraculous "Medal" and "Ring" Devotion (Healing Prayer)
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Our Lady of Miraculous "Medal" and "Ring" Devotion (Healing Prayer)
by Erlinda Ellorin Vintayen

Though many volumes of this devotion have been sold, the demand continues.

This is an inviting opportunity, to feel comforted and encouraged by the Healing Power of Our Miraculous Lady with the gift of Her sacramental Love for us: the Medal, Ring and Oil from a Miraculous Plant. These heavenly gifts create a phenomenal success for grace and a healthier eternal need.

Erlinda Ellorin Vintayen is a member of many church prayer groups and an organization member of the church choir. She fervently shares the Devotion of Our Miraculous Lady and Her Loving care for both Heaven and Earth.

Here, Erlinda shares with you her best achievement: a vision, a glorifying experience of Our Miraculous Lady for those who seek. The presence of the Holy Spirit can make you ultimately feel the gift of God, here on Earth, and respect the understanding of Eternal Life.

(2012, paperback, 164 pages)