Our Short Adventure

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Our Short Adventure
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Our Short Adventure
by Lois Beverlin and Sally Short

Sally Short is fifty years old. She was born in Lamar, Missouri in 1961.

Sally has been through many trials. She was in two nearly fatal car accidents, was electrocuted once, and is a cancer survivor. She had a couple of very bad marriages before she met her husband of twenty-four years.

But even with all the bad things that have happened to Sally, she has never shut anyone out on purpose and tries to help those she truly feels she can. Poetry has always been a good outlet for Sally; it has pulled her from deep depression and helped her through some very long nights.

Sally did not want her children to feel the way so many of her friends felt about their parents. We should all try and teach our children how to help each other every day. How can they be independent, if we dont teach them to think for themselves? How will they know these things, if not taught the basics? How will they be strong and know how to care for themselves, and one another, if not taught this at home? Teach them its all right to make mistakes. Help your children know how much theyre loved.

This book is a compilation of Sally Shorts and her mother Lois Beverlins poems. Many of the poems written by her mother were written during World War II and the Vietnam War.

Sally is hoping this book of poetry will bring you many good times and give you the strength to get through some sleepless nights.

This book is meant to share the mountains and valleys we all have to cross in our life. Enjoy.

(2012, paperback, 192 pages)