Out of Darkness Into the Light - eBook

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Out of Darkness Into the Light - eBook

Out of Darkness Into the Light

By: Nancy Jane Harradine

About the Book

Nancy Jane Harradine’s story came about after her husband, Alfred J. Harradine, wrote his first book, Walk in the Light, leaving her to believe everyone should put down, in writing and pictures, a synopsis of one’s life for the grandchildren, great-grandchildren and all future generations.

Harradine’s life has been like a rising sunrise getting brighter and brighter by the day. Looking back has been a tremendous joy. Researching through picture albums has been emotional at times, but mostly just plain fun.


About the Author

Nancy Jane Harradine is the only child of older parents who grew up in Buffalo, New York, in the 1940s and 1950s. The Hoys were a solid middle-class family owning a residential house and summer cottage with a boat and, usually, a new automobile.

Harradine was sent to college where she met her future husband, Alfred J. Harradine. They were married in 1962 and had four children. They relocated several times around the country as Al’s career advanced. They made over two dozen retreats, growing in faith and love. They serve in the healing ministry as healing warriors in Land O’ Lakes, Florida, with their good friend Mnsg. Ron Aubin, pastor at Our Lady of the Rosary Church.


(2018, eBook)