Out of the Jungle 6th Edition

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Out of the Jungle 6th Edition

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Out of the Jungle 6th Edition
by Bill Dunbar

This book covers a historical account of the rise of religious power and ethics from the primordial slime to the application of democratic therapy to the nation of Iraq by the George W. Bush administration, written from the viewpoint of a true atheist.

Bill Dunbar makes a number of predictions about the future of human cloning, the Islamic Jihad, and the use of nuclear weapons. Throughout it all, he presents a profound subject with a depth of insight and a sparkling sense of humor that will keep you simultaneously spellbound and in stitches throughout.

About the Author

Bill Dunbar graduated from the University of Washington in 1940 with a degree in aeronautical engineering after working springs and summers in Alaskan fisheries to pay his way through school. He spent most of his forty years in the aerospace industry as a design and research engineer, and during that time, he earned a master of engineering degree from UCLA in 1960.

He is an accomplished sculptor and has won many awards for his wood sculptures at art shows in southern California. Since retirement, he has written six books, five of which are copiously illustrated with his pen-and-ink drawings.

(2009, paperback, 408 pages)