Pages of a Young Boy

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Pages of a Young Boy
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Pages of a Young Boy
by Staci Tumminieri

All kids can relate to this young boys experiences, curiosity, and needs. The boy has mild struggles with Asperger's. He overcomes learning disorders with his love for playing music.

The boys mother guides him; she is by his side all the way through a simple, yet at times complex, life. It is a story every mom can understand with compassion. Furthermore, the book is a treat for anyone as it is just the beginning of a continuing story.

About the Author

The author, Staci Tumminieri, adores children. She faithfully notes, records, draws and photographs the little things that make a child sweet, fun, and irresistibly innocent. She gave up offers for a substantial career to spend quality time with her children. But she did not give up her talents in paintings and writing that is now put into books.

She is well known as a volunteer in the elementary and middle schools. An inspiring teacher and friend, Ben Wallace of Avaxat Elementary, has invited her to be a guest speaker on book writing in his fourth grade class.

Staci also has had an experience as a foster mom of three children. As a passionate scholar she has drive and motivation to continue studies and research, to improve her academic skills.

(2012, hardcover, 28 pages)