Palmistry and Personality

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Palmistry and Personality
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Palmistry and Personality
by Roolands Decimus

Do you ever wonder what your hands may say about your personality? Roolands Joseph Decimus welcomes readers both young and old to a world of knowledge, wisdom, and enlightenment, as well as entertainment, in the pages of Palmistry and Personality. This delightful book explains the basic nature of individuals based on the shape of their hands and lines of the palm. Palmistry and Personality can help you choose the job or career that is right for you based on your personality and it may also help you choose the right romantic partner.

Palmistry and Personality will let you know the learning style youre mostly inclined towards and your potential obstacles in life. Youll become knowledgeable about your strengths and weaknesses, as well as your deep desires and longings. Youll most likely become aware of the path you need to take in life and those that you should avoid in order to reach your ultimate happiness and contentment in life. Palmistry and Personality will give you a forecast of your health including physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being.

This book is sure to become an important part of your book shelf or home library.

About the Author:

Roolands Joseph Decimus is a tender, sociable, brave, and caring spirit who is tremendously sensitive to the world around him. He has a gift to notice things that others simply cannot. He feels that he needs to stay alert and watch for any signs that the universe may send to him. Roolands believe that truth should not be feared because it will set your spirit free!

Palmistry and Personality is his first book and an attempt to shine light and point the way in the life of individuals everywhere around the world. Roolandss ultimate goal is to help as many people as he can in any way possible by providing knowledge, wisdom, comfort, and entertainment through his words.

(2015, Paperback, 82 pages)