"Paper Planes"

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"Paper Planes"

Paper Planes

By: Barbara Willis Kimbrell


About the Book

Paper Planes delves into an array of social, moral, and philosophical issues without sounding too preachy. It is one woman's journey through the legal and prison system after taking a human life due to unforeseen circumstances. She is faced with her own internal struggles as she tries to reclaim her life, find hope, and, finally, self-forgiveness. Most importantly, it is a story about redemption.


About the Author

Paper Planes is Barbara Willis Kimbrell’s second book. Her first book, aptly entitled Drunks, Monks and Mental Illness told a tale about addiction and the power it holds over a person. Ms. Kimbrell finds that writing is a mindful, therapeutic endeavor that not only taps into the creative process but can also be fun. Ms. Kimbrell is a semi-retired master’s level social worker, artist, mother and proud owner of two fur babies.


(2020, Paperback, 252 Pages)


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This review was completed by Elisa Love, R.N. the Program Director at a local treatment center:
Paper Planes is a remarkable work by Barbara Kimbrell. The book evokes so many emotions by the reader. Injustice for women in a patriarchal society, the struggle of brown people or disenfranchised people in our society, and as I see it the lack of the justice system to recognize these fundamental failings. Having stated this, the book also evokes hope, freedom, and redemption. The hope that one might find a system that does have gentle kind folks that work to see the inner workings of the heart like the people that nurtured Elaina in prison. The freedom that comes from Elaina doing the hard work necessary for evolving and becoming the woman she was meant to be. And of course, finding redemption. Only through gentle rehabilitation was the heroine of the story able to see her part in the crime she committed. I realize that this book is fiction but the truths lying within are remarkable. I would hope that every women’s prison has a copy of Paper Planes in their library for staff and inmates alike. I would hope that America continues to aid and improve prison reform and programs to help women like Eliana live productive lives. Go Eliana!!