Pappy’s Story

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Pappy’s Story

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Pappys Story
by Gary Seib

This is a one-of-a-kind true story of Pappys life over the past fifty years. I was the son of a U. S. Navy officer who traveled all over the country and the world. This story is full of adventure, love, and adversity. I joined the U. S. Army right after high school and married my first love, my high school sweetheart. We had two wonderful sons while I was serving my country.

After my Army time was up, I joined the Navy Seabees. While I was stationed at Camp David, the presidential retreat, I suffered a mental breakdown known as depression and had to be transferred due to security reasons. This was a life-altering event.

Two years later, while I was in Alaska, the depression returned and I was medically retired. I became manic-depressive some years later. I have had to cope with my mental disorder over the past seventeen years with the help and support of my loving wife and the veterans administration. This is a testament to my life, faith, and desire to be a loving husband, father, and grandfather.

About the Author

I was born on October 10, 1956, in Frostburg, Maryland. My wife, my sons, and I spent seventeen-and-a-half exciting, wonderful, and rewarding years serving our country. We had the opportunity to travel to places like Australia, Bermuda, Germany, and Alaska, to name a few.

Later in life, I started my own heating and air conditioning business, but I had to retire due to the stress and my mental illness. I now live with my loving wife of thirty-one years near Dans Rock Overlook, near Midland, a small town close to Frostburg, Maryland. My two sons have their own families, and I have two beautiful granddaughters whose nicknames are Tinkerbell and Cricket. They gave me the inspiration to write about our lives.

(2009, paperback, 108 pages)