Paranaturalists - eBook

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Paranaturalists - eBook

Samantha Winwell

This book is an assortment of stories of the paranormal and unnatural. Some are recent works revisited, along with some new stories that will send a chill down one’s spine with every turn of the page. Some are intriguing and macabre, full of mystery and suspense; while others have undertones of dark humor to add levity to this dark anthology.

The first story is the author’s spin of the hit series Supernatural from a woman’s perspective. Samantha Winwell hopes fans will enjoy her version just as much. If so, she will be willing to pen out a couple more in the near future. The reason she wrote this book is because she has always been a fan of the classic Gothic novel and fantasy. Winwell carefully selected these stories that can be read during Halloween or if the reader wants a good fright before bedtime.

At the end there is a preview of Winwell’s latest project that she is currently working, with a title yet to be determined. At this time she hopes the readers will enjoy reading this book as she enjoyed writing it.

About the Author:

Samantha Winwell wrote this book because she’s intrigued by the paranormal. One story is her take on Supernatural which at one time was one of Winwell’s favorite shows. It was shows like that one and Charmed that inspired her to write such stories as these.

Winwell is also currently working on her second half of her dark fairy tale collection. While she’s thinking about the next story to write, there are a few subjects she will not write about, such as having any hand in one of the most disturbing franchises of zombies. Winwell finds them creepy and grotesque. Give her a good book any day, whether it be fantasy or a good classic instead!

(2017, eBook)