Pariah Man

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Pariah Man
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Pariah Man by Linwood Casey

A secret war rages between a Gay America, which is heavily steeped in white privilege; and a Black America, which continues to see homosexuality as a white mans disease.

Pariah Man is a shocking, funny, poignant exploration of this turmoil for young Chauncey Reese, a concert pianist who finds himself a double minority. He is torn by this war, and by his own issues of religion and self-esteem.

Set in the sexual revolution years of the 1970s, we learn that for all our technology and advances, little has changed for black gays. Forty years later, the consequences of suffering extend beyond individuals, affecting their families, their communities, and even strangers. We are reminded of the great human lesson yet to be understood: oppression hurts the oppressor.

Pariah Man was written for the sports fan, the classical music fan, and everyone in between.

About the Author

Linwood Casey is a retired schoolteacher who has taught all three levels of grade school in New York and Kentucky. While earning a Masters degree in Education, he tutored college athletes in a variety of subjects, and continues to mentor students of all ages in community centers and in arts centers. Casey also has a degree in Music Education, and has performed as a concert musician with two symphony orchestras and three opera companies for over 20 years. Casey designs outreach programs to bring music performances and lessons to inner city children. He also composes instructional material for string players.

(2012, paperback, 506 pages)