Past Orion

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-9862-7
Past Orion
by Deanna L. Sheperd This riveting space adventure, complete with powerful friendships, romance, and demonic opposition, unfolds as the last days of mankinds struggle for survival are at hand. Wars are raging. Crime is out of control. Human implants have been designed to help the government establish control and world peace. But as an astronaut team places the satellite needed to implement the project in orbit, an evil force rips through the heavens and through the very souls of the astronauts. It is obvious that the spirit force is evil and does not want the satellite operational. Three astronauts are trapped on board, and they return with a thrilling revelation. Several days later NASA radar detects the satellite and a team is dispatched to finish the mission. But again, the demonic force strikes and in a powerful effort to bring down the shuttle and satellite. Will the team succeed, or is it too late? Take the journey with these astronauts, unlock the mystery within the heavens, and learn the fate of the planet and the human race as it fights for its very existence. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Deanna Shepherd enjoys writing as a hobby. She is dedicated to caring for people and knows how spiritual knowledge gives strength and understanding. (2005, paperback, 98 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.