Patches and His Kitchen Staff

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Patches and His Kitchen Staff

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Patches and His Kitchen Staff
by Tooty

Patches is a talking dog. He looks out the window, waiting patiently for his staff to show up. His tail wags happily as they all pull up the driveway in their minivan.

Although Patches works his staff hard, he does allow them to have a ten-minute break and play with him outsidejust as long as someone is blowing bubbles, throwing a basketball, or throwing sticks for him to fetch!

Patches likes to take walks and rides with his staff. He tells them what to buy at the store. Thats why a minivan is needed; he has such a long list of demands!

When the staff leaves, Patches is sad. He goes to bed and dreams of what hes going to eat the next day!

About the Author

We live in Montgomery County, PA. Patches lives with us. He is three years old, and he weighs 63 pounds. Hes a very large Brittany spaniel. Patches was our inspiration for our book. Hes an excellent watchdog, companion, and good dog. His character and his adventures was our inspiration for writing. Hes our little boy, and we take care of him and in return he protects and loves us unconditionally. We thank God for Patches; he sure is a blessing to us. Patches brings us such joy and happiness, and we hope to share it with children everywhere.

(2011, paperback, 30 pages)