Paths and Passages

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Paths and Passages
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Paths and Passages
by Waldemar D. E. Von Goerlitz

It has been said that every man has at least one book in him. It took friends, and in particular one friend, a palm reader from Nia-on-the-Lake, to start this book. The palm reading started the author thinking of the many paths that were consciously or unconsciously taken and, of course, on those paths what passages had come to be.

This book covers Waldemars life from his 1936 birth in wartime Berlin, Germany, to his present life eighty years later in a country of choice. Along the way there were many what you might call adventures. Everyone has an adventure or two in their life. Some have been sad, some funny, some even very scary and dangerous. It makes a person wonder what life is really all about and why this is all happening. Will we ever find a home, family, peace?

Eventually, you look deep inside when on these paths, going through these passages. You will realize something, someone, was watching over you. This book, although about this particular author, could in many cases be anyones book. Many similar instances have happened to many of us. Many of us have been tested and are very grateful to still be here.

About the Author:

Waldemar D. E. Von Goerlitz had no thought about ever writing a book. He worked many years of physical labor as a painter, which he learned in an apprenticeship between the ages 14 and 18. He also worked in a factory and on the paint crew at G. M.

It was only after retirement, and from telling his family and friends the many happenings of his life that the idea of a book started to grow. So many times he would hear: Oh my, you should write about that! Everyone was encouraging him to put these entertaining stories on paper. Waldemar spoke with his wife and asked for her help. What they put down is hopefully what you will enjoy!

Waldemar now lives in Niagara Falls with his family.

(2016, Paperback, 48 pages)