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By: Arthur Moses

About the Book

When author Art Moses created Pearl, he wanted the book to be clever, inventive, and a journey parents and children could enjoy together. This collection of poetry tells a story of adventure, and allows children to paint their own world.

Pearl is breathtaking and colorful. Children and parents can discover the beauty of colors and how delightful, calming, and thrilling colors can be. Pearl is a place that must be discovered, and Moses thinks Blue and Pearl will be great additions to your children’s library. Pearl is an uplifting journey parents and children will not forget.


About the Author

Art Moses learned through his Psychology degree that in order to help people you have to learn about them. He hopes to one day start his own community center where he can utilize his skills in a social service position to enhance his community, develop new skills, and gain new experiences working with children. Art Moses would like to address new techniques for teambuilding at his foundation, mentoring and encouraging service work and community involvement, helping to ensure the highest-quality of services for children in need. A successful development through childhood is very important, as this promotes a better socio-emotional outcome through adulthood.

The author loves to read, write, and research the reason behind his Psychology degree. He took a creative writing course and created a children’s book called Blue. Creating a book wasn’t the plan for this course, but he had to keep a journal. Then, Art Moses had a great idea for a service project. He could start a scholarship foundation with the proceeds from his book sales, start small, and eventually expand.


(2019, Paperback, 50 pages)

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