Pebbles on the Path and Stones in My Shoe

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Pebbles on the Path and Stones in My Shoe

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Pebbles on the Path and Stones in My Shoe
by Armella Schmidt

This book is a journal of poetry written over a lifes span. As time passed from youth to maturity to middle age and so on, the moments and the events lived, were recorded in the way the writer, this author, felt them. They are a window into the experiences lived to the fullest. The thoughts were guided by having had good Christian parents and a happy home.

Writing a poem was the way to remember and tell the emotions experienced. There are many pebbles, many emotions. The deeper-cutting events were like a stone in my shoe, leaving a bruise to make me realize what came into my life.

I dedicate these thoughts and pages to my loved ones and to all those dear people who shared my path.

About the Author

This author has lived a fulfilling life of being a wife and mother. She loves to write and has published two fictional stories, articles, and poetry. Now in her senior years, she continues to write as well as enjoy her family, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

She has lived her entire life in Defiance, Ohio, and hosts a monthly local TV show, Defiance Remembers, where local history is reviewed and activities and interests are aired.

(2010, paperback, 100 pages)