Peers: Human Resource Management

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Peers: Human Resource Management

by Dwight Walker Human resource management is an integration of three categories of people: management, employee, and the customer. In order to develop and maintain repeat business for an individual network, a growth strategy needs to be implemented at work. It does not develop overnight. To have an effective centralized environment, all levels of employment must communicate reciprocally. Being fair and equitable means different thing to different people. Proportionality of work requires an understanding of employee relationships that create short-term wins. Change agents develop the initiatives needed for the consumer. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Experienced in both hourly and salaried management positions, Dwight Walker holds a master of business administration and a master of arts in human resource management. He has exercised leadership that has resulted in sound business decisions and believes that excellent investment decisions result from thorough market research. A survivor of medical hardship, he enjoys outdoor sports. (2004, paperback, 88 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.