The Pentateuch of Yahshua

The Pentateuch of Yahshua
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The Pentateuch of Yahshua

Truth telling is the most gratifying human expression possible. The Pentateuch of Yahshua is but a more accurate restorative account of the facts and figures surrounding the Incarnate Word of a Loving Father rescuing that which had been forfeited to the world of the dead: us. The careful and methodical piecing of the relevant facts and circumstances surrounding a divine plan of redemption, for all who have been called to a better life in a better place, is the main message of this five-part harmonizing literary composition.

This book is but one more attempt to get it right, because we matter. We are too special to waste on the rustic crucibles of failed traditional religious views and values that were flawed at conception. Gods, demons, and demagogues have been renting space in folks’ minds since time immemorial. This book is one more attempt at evicting them.

About the Author

They hail from diverse corners of the globe. Their credentials and scholarships are as varied as are the Floridian Keys from the Mediterranean Sea. These distant clerics, rabbis, gurus, elders, deacons, bishops, laity, priests, journalists, and professors emeriti spent decades in collaboration toward the emergence of this composition of Scriptural Genius.

Though they did not always agree on the content or context of a particular piece in this five-part biblical harmonic, they persisted in challenging each other toward a clearer and more relevant restoration of the factual words of the Holy Father. They were equally passionate and circumspect about, accurately, recording the dialogue between the Savior of Humankind and His followers, as well as those telling exchanges between this Holy Dad and His Beloved Son.

It is you, the reader of The Pentateuch of Yahshua, who will make the call as to the real spiritual weight and historical significance of the authors’ scholarships here.

(2011, paperback, 402 pages)


The Pentateuch of Yahshua (PDF ebook)
The Pentateuch of Yahshua (PDF ebook)

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The Pentateuch of Yahshua [Kindle Edition]
The Pentateuch of Yahshua [ePub]
The Pentateuch of Yahshua [ePub]

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