Perfect Symmetry - eBook

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Perfect Symmetry - eBook

Perfect Symmetry

By: Evan Olsen

About the Book

The last book studied quantum gravity and entanglement. This book shows how alpha a lorentz contraction is equal to the winding number on a circle map omega is equal to the energy gap factor delta equals a Mobius transform psi.

This is the proof for faster than light collisions time travel fusion antigravity and mass energy conversion. Fusion and entanglement relates DNA as a strange attractor. It relates to cancer and the final equation as a theory of aids.


About the Author

Evan Olsen is in the last year of Bachelor of Education in physics with math minor. He has completed a Bachelor of Science in physics and minor math and another degree in psychology sciences with neurosciences topic of study, with a minor in biology.

Olsen enjoys martial arts, running, movies, video games and cross country skiing. He is the eldest of two children and lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


(2019, eBook)