Perfect Symmetry

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Perfect Symmetry

Perfect Symmetry

By: Evan Olsen

About the Book

The last book studied quantum gravity and entanglement. This book shows how alpha a lorentz contraction is equal to the winding number on a circle map omega is equal to the energy gap factor delta equals a Mobius transform psi.

This is the proof for faster than light collisions time travel fusion antigravity and mass energy conversion. Fusion and entanglement relates DNA as a strange attractor. It relates to cancer and the final equation as a theory of aids.


About the Author

Evan Olsen is in the last year of Bachelor of Education in physics with math minor. He has completed a Bachelor of Science in physics and minor math and another degree in psychology sciences with neurosciences topic of study, with a minor in biology.

Olsen enjoys martial arts, running, movies, video games and cross country skiing. He is the eldest of two children and lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


(2019, Paperback, 84 pages)

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