Perpetual Relativity: The Missing Addendum to "Special" and "General" Relativity

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-8739-3
Perpetual Relativity: The Missing Addendum to "Special" and "General" Relativity
by Mateo Holland Albert Einstein pursued unsuccessfully a theory to reach beyond General Relativity, uniting gravity with the other forces of nature. Perpetual Relativity: The Missing Addendum to Special and General Relativity cracks the time capsule. At a rebellious nineteen years old, Holland conceived the Secret of Life, a theory of everything. Having grasped insight into the workings of the universe, Holland knew it would take years to logically expound on what he once inscribed in the sands of a humid Gulf Coast beach in 1989. Buckle your mind belt. Holland squares complexity, taking you for an insightful journey through his seventeen Conceptions on life. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Mateo Holland is a pseudonym and variation of the authors birth and blood names. For privacy we only afford the reader a glimpse into his deeply held convictions. Mateo is Spanish for the English Matthew, or Matthaios. It is Greek for the Hebrew Matthhyahu, meaning Gift of YAHWEH. Saint Matthew, also Levi, one of the twelve Apostles, supposedly authored the first Gospel in the New Testament.1 Here Mateo honors the plight of people crossing free borders pursuing freedom. Holland, the bloodline of his beloved and deceased bastard grandfather, honors his ancestral truth, his true surname. Mateo Holland represents the Plight of Truth. 1 Behind the Name, the Etymology of First Names,
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