Pet Imagination

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Pet Imagination
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Pet Imagination
by Randy M. Klotzman

Pet Imagination is a story about a typical teenager who just wants to fit in like all the other kids, except for one small detail; this teenager is a goldfish.

Orly is not your average run-of-the-mill goldfish; he has been blessed/cursed with black and purple stripes. These peculiarities set Orly apart from his peers and make growing up that much more of a challenge. But with the help of his newly found adopted friends, Tommy and Jane, Orly cant wait to show them his world. Orly finds a way to make his rare colors work to his advantage and has loads of fun doing so.

About the Author

My name is Randy M. Klotzman. I was born in 1961 on Groundhog Day, February 2. I married my incredible wife, Anat, on her Kibbutz in Israel in March of 1986. I am also the proud father of three spectacular girls, Deena (21), Barak (19), and Golan (13).

After working the family real estate business for twenty years, my wife convinced me to pursue my real passionwritingand I wrote my first book, The Enchanted Tree House. I had so much fun doing so, I had a go of it again and wrote the book youre about to read, Pet Imagination.

When Im not writing, I am knee deep in classic and exotic cars, which is one of my other passions. I really love writing childrens books, though, because I want to open the world of imagination to all kids as well as adults. I believe that reading is so important for so many reasons; I just love making it a fun experience at the same time.

(2012, paperback, 146 pages)