Pete's Adventures...A Journey through a Friendship Path

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Pete's Adventures...A Journey through a Friendship Path

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Pete's AdventuresA Journey through a Friendship Path
by Jessica Terrell

Petes Adventures: A Journey Through a Friendship Path is about a bear named Pete. Pete was very lonely. Something was missing in his life. Pete decides the something he is missing is friends. So Pete sets out to make friends. Pete fails and becomes very angry with himself. Pete then meets a wise owl. The owl said to Pete that he would be his friend and also teach him how to make other friends. Pete has to decide to trust the owl enough to be his friend and follow his lesson on how to be successful in making friends.

About the Author

Jessica Terrell was born in New York and resides on Long Island with her family. She loves to dance and play the viola.

Jessica was in the first grade when she became inspired to write this book. Her grandfather became very ill and Jessica decided to write this story to pick up his spirits. She finished this story in the beginning of the third grade. She continues to enjoy to read and write.

Jessica would like to dedicate this book to her Grandpa with all her love. She wishes to thank everyone who helped with this book, especially her mom and Aunt Lynne.

(2010, paperback, 30 pages)