Philly: The Real Cab Business (4.25 x 7 version)

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Philly: The Real Cab Business (4.25 x 7 version)
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Philly: The Real Cab Business
by Eddie Hujo

As a Philadelphian, born in Center City, Eddie Hijo was raised by his family, of Irish, Scottish, English, Polish and Hebrew descent. The familys faith bases were many churches. He grew up in a waterfront neighborhood; it was the School of Hard Knocks. He became a boilermaker, a mechanic and rigger, drove a straight truck, for a few years Hijo was an exterminator, and, of course, a part-time cab driver.

Hijos advice to anyone would be to work hard, be honest, be yourself, be confident, always believe in our governments Constitution and Declaration and never be late for work!

(2013, Paperback, 334 pages)