Philosophy or Criminal Insanity

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Philosophy or Criminal Insanity
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Philosophy or Criminal Insanity
by James H. Shortz

Select personal experiences from the last twenty years of author James Hosea Shortz present a heroic and historic view of an honorably discharged Vietnam combat zone veteran as he explores the jungles of political oppression.

This expos reveals the maliciousness and treachery that is inherent in many guardians of the system that administers freedoms and rights. This expos documents dates, names, and places of illegal activity and the perpetrators of the most serious offenses that affect this society.

This expos will enlighten and enrage those who have a personal interest in the promotion and spread of liberty and justice for all. The reader will no longer believe that the peoples public business is being conducted properly without first personally reviewing things.

About the Author

James Hosea Shortz boasts that the Vietnam era was administered to him personally as an immunization against fear. According to James, nothing he has experienced since that time in his young life compares to the anxiety and uncertainty he endured before and during his military tour of duty in Southeast Asia. James has the courage and the resolve to confront those who withhold the freedoms he sacrificed himself to preserve and secure. James trusts only the God Who Makes Freedom Available. He also owns the distinction of being, as far as he knows, the only documented certified sane person in the United States of America.

(2012, paperback, 684 pages)