Phoenix from Heaven

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Phoenix from Heaven

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Phoenix from Heaven
by Rady Srey Bennett

Phoenix from Heaven is an adventurous story about a little girl name Rady who tries to survive in this big world. One day Rady discovers that she is not just an ordinary human and that she is a special gifted child from Heaven. Phoenix is a name given by Heaven to Rady because she has been uniquely recreated on Earth to have the ability to connect with Heaven to receive information and communicate to gods and other great people from Heaven. With this information, she will be able to get to her destiny and complete her duty for Heaven. In this story, you will find great messages that come to her dreams to guide her to solve this oldest legend ever been told.

About the Author

Author Rady Bennett has been asked in her dreams by Heaven to solve the oldest legend ever been told in history. She had undergone a hard and challenging training for about ten years to put the story together. From the dreams provided by Heaven, she was able to decode the Holy Grail by herself with the help from gods, Allah, and the great teachers and people in Heaven. Through her challenging journey, she was able to discover gods and Allah living as human on earth. Author Rady is a human who has been reincarnated from Heaven to be on Earth to inform the people on Earth that gods, Allah, and Heaven exist and there is only one Heaven and one Hell. You will like her because she is real and her story is based on partially her real-life true story and the other half is based on dreams provided by gods, Allah, and the great teachers and people in Heaven.

(2011, paperback, 136 pages)