Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising
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Phoenix Rising
by Sheila Dunn

Souls come together

Thoughts well met

Dreams are for the better

Hopes are for the best

Phoenix Rising was written to get a rise in emotion from all who read it. Whether the emotion is sadness, happiness, fear, or exultation, the rise will be there just like the phoenix rises. Dreams cause a rise in passion, lessons a rise in knowledge. Each person will get a rise in some sort of emotion. Make it like a Phoenix Rising.

About the Author:

Sheila Dunn was born and raised in Idaho. After experiencing life in a few other states she has settled in Boise. She lives with her family and enjoys spoiling her grandsons. Sheila also enjoys and puts her heart and soul into her arts and crafts, especially cross stitching when not reading or writing poetry (her true inspiration in life). Poetry is what brings her dreams, heart and soul to a whole different level of life.

Thanks to her family and a great support system, Sheila has the confidence to share her poetry. Phoenix Rising is a glimpse into the life Sheila has lived and welcomes others to share hopes, dreams, heart and soul so they too may enjoy her words as she does.

(2017, Paperback, 44 pages)


Phoenix Rising (e-book)
Phoenix Rising (e-book)

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