Piano Rock

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Piano Rock

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Piano Rock
by Timmi Kidney

Piano Rock is a childrens story about one girls adventure during a summer vacation with her grandparents. The girls adventure includes her three cousins and takes place on her grandparents farm in Lynn Camp, West Virginia. The four girls spend hours exploring and playing in Lynn Camp run that flows into Fish Creek.

One day they happen on to a magical place that leads to hours of excitement and enjoyment. Deciding to share their secret discovery with their grandmother, they find that she too had been to this special place and so had their own mothers.

Piano Rock shows a connection between generations in a family. It also reminds the reader of the pleasure in using your imagination.

About the Author

Timmi Calissie Kidney was born and raised in Glen Dale, West Virginia. She continues to reside in Glen Dale with her son and daughter, back an old dirt road, in a house nestled against the edge of the woods. She holds a bachelor of arts degree in English Literature from Wheeling Jesuit University. Her works have previously been published in The Spirit of the Age, Treasured Poems of America, The Sound of Poetry, and Jewelweed. Her faith, family, life experiences, and love of nature inspire her to write.

(2011, paperback, 32 pages)