Pig and a Sack of Stray Cats

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-8974-8
Pig and a Sack of Stray Cats
by Helen Harper This book is enchanted, for its about an enchanted era and place. It is based in southern Illinois in the early 1930s. The people are real, and the stories are true as I remember them. Many times youll wish you could go back there for a time or maybe forever. Youll laugh at the antics of these wonderful country folk. Your heart will swell with pride when you realize they had the same principles and beliefs in God as their ancestors who crossed mountains and prairies in covered wagons to settle this wonderful country. ABOUT THE AUTHOR I spent my early childhood with my grandparents, Almus and Nettie Hundly, in Johnson County in southern Illinois. I attribute my love for writing to my grandfather, a country schoolteacher, poet, and wonderful storyteller. In the early thirties, there was little entertainment for country folk. On Sunday afternoons, neighbors would congregate in our yard to visit and listen to Grandpas famous tales and in the evenings, we walked to the Bush Arbor Church, a mile or so away. I later married a military man, which necessitated this country girl to live in many different places. After thirteen years of retirement in Alaska, I could no longer resist my love for Johnson County and moved back home to stay. (2007, paperback, 198 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.