Planet Mutonia and the Young Pop Star Wannabes

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Planet Mutonia and the Young Pop Star Wannabes

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Planet Mutonia and the Young Pop Star Wannabes
by Tavia Kallison

Can you imagine a world without music? Thats exactly what happened to young Melody Bell and her two friends, Harmon E. Cord and Justin Tyme. These three youngsters share their common aspirations to one day become celebrated pop stars!

Their names reflect the three elements found in music: a melody, the harmony, and its rhythm. With that in mind, a magical red disc-shaped contraption, named Middle C, whisks them into space headed for the tiny undetected planet, Mutonia, the music planet. Middle C explains to the threesome because of their musical names, they are the only ones qualified for the important mission called Operation: Restore Music.

Once the youngsters arrive at the entrance of the unique planet, they encounter all kinds of situations, special settings and strange, yet engaging characters, where they become entangled into weird, scary, fearful, but often wondrous experiences.

After much drama, the threesome finally unlock secrets as to why music has mysteriously vanished from their own planet: Earth!

About the Author

The inspiration for this fantasy adventure takes the author back to her early age of two, when she began dance lessons at Mae Murry Dance Studio. She thrived in this environment, eventually winning a small dance competition on TV.

At age ten, her mother found an excellent art teacher who taught in the realistic classic style. Students would select prints of the master artists, learn to work in oils, producing the exact replica of the print. Art would continue to be one of her passions, as well as dance.

Thirdly, at age six, piano lessons were added to her daily schedule with strict rules. Once you start, you can never stop! You must practice one hour a day, seven days a week, including your birthday and all holidays. It should be a routine just like brushing your teeth! explained her mother, carefully. Somehow our author signed up for this commitment! She studied with various teachers throughout the years. Finally, as a young adult, under the guidance of Edith Knox, herself a graduate of the famed Juilliard School of Music in N.Y. At the prestigious music school, Miss Knox had the privilege to hone her technique along with learning advanced theory from a Russian professor who, himself, had his tutorship with the well-respected romantic composer, Sergei Rachmaninoff.

Eventually, after college, the author became a piano teacher. It wasnt until she married that she studied writing. Her father-in-law had been asked, in 1939, to head Universal Pictures in order to save the failing film studio from bankruptcy. His legacy took place while Ms. Kallison was growing up. Her father-in-law remained the president until 1960 when he become the Chairman of the Board and brought in Lew Wasserman to be president. Once married, Ms. Kallison found herself surrounded by writers leading her to understand the art of writing, and where the authors imagination came alive to weave this unique tale.

(2010, casewrap, 106 pages)