Planet Stories

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Planet Stories

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Planet Stories
by Genka Blitz

This book is a fantasy. It shows different stories that are not connected by themselves. Every one of these stories is a unique piece of art. There are two parts. The first part includes fantasy stories that describe different themes of all kinds of characters. You take your mind to explore unique and mysterious places. Think and imagine things you cant see or imagine on your daily life. It also explores questions and answers that are rooted deep into our subconscious mind in a fantasy way. With this book, you can travel far away with your fantasy imagination. The second part of the book is fantasy but with more scientific outlook. It describes different planet situation so you can learn some planet things in a fantasy way.

This book was written only by my imagination and my personal life situations in a fantasy manner. Nothing is used from another piece of work. The whole book is a unique piece of art, which I created over the past few years. The characters I use are fictional. Some of them are pretty unique names and might have meanings of their own. This book is made to be read for a wide audiences in a different settings.

About the Author

Genka Blitz lives in Florida. She has a degree in interior design. She writes in her leisure time. Her style of writing is very unique and artistic. As an artist, Genka Blitz made the illustrations for her book. She likes nature, and it inspires her a lot.

(2011, paperback, 146 pages)