Player Codes

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Player Codes
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Player Codes
by Reginald Shelton

I live in a condo, in the western suburbs of Chicago. I lived in Chicago for two yrs, before I moved to the Burbs. I moved to Chicago from Texas. While living in Texas, I obtained my high school diploma from Texas High School. I also obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree from Southern Arkansas University, with a major in Sociology and a minor in Psychology.

This is my debut as a book writer, but this will definitely not be my last book. I have been writing poetry for eleven years. I wrote my first poem my junior year in college. It was published in the school newspaper. It was entitled Romantica. I have performed live poetry in several places in Dallas and Chicago. Smooveluva is my poet name. A woman I used to date suggested it to me.

I am currently in a committed relationship, so I had to turn my players card in. If my current relationship were to dissolve, I could easily reclaim my players card and my position in the game. The codes in the book have been certified, tried and proven. They are codes that I used when I was a player and learned them through trial and error. Some are codes that I learned from other players.

Until my next bookas they say in the poetry clubs in Chicago, And thats that piece. One.

(2012, hardcover, 40 pages)