Playright: Life on the Other Side

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-7988-6
Playright: Life on the Other Side
by Scott Lee Mosure My whole life Ive been a really creative person in everything I do, but my favorite thing to do is write. Ideas come to me, and I have found myself writing short stories and even books. This is the first book I have written. It consists of things I have heard involving myself and what people have done for me at any given time or place. This is all of what I thought I was going through and seeing at the time in my life. Some of the things are made up, and some are things I have heard. It consists of all of my ideas put into one big story. I have an imagination that runs down a dark, long hallway that leads to nothing. But you are yearning to whats going to happen next? Is there light at the end of the hallway? Youll never know; it just keeps you guessing whats going to happen next! ABOUT THE AUTHOR I really dont brag about myself, so I dont really have anything to say, but I do know if you work hard and have the determination to do it, then go for it. My mind is a pyramid of nothing but creative ideas, and it seems like there were so many ideas that it led to writing a book. I never really had any goals in life. I just wanted to finish high school and get my diploma. I was born in California and raised in Indiana. I never thought I could make something of myself, so I just hung out a lot. Once again, thank you all for the bad and the good that got me to where I am today because the bad and the good in life have helped me and made me stronger! (2008, paperback, 62 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.