Poems and Absurdities

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Poems and Absurdities
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Poems and Absurdities
by Susan Adler

Author Susan Adler has always enjoyed writing poetry and short stories. Now, in introducing the first collection of published work, she presents humorous absurdities bound to leave readers laughing. Combined with personal and political poetry, she offers up her lifes lessons with lasting reflection.

Susan is a Baldwin-Wallace graduate with a Liberal Arts degree in communication. She has traveled Asia and Europe to share her world views with a creative bent.

Susan is a lifelong volunteer for numerous causes and political campaigns, PTA mom, and a loyal advocate for peace and justice. A victim-survivor of the judicial court system, she has set precedence for childrens and womens rights.

A Jill-Of-All-Trades, Susan has years of work experience in Corporate America. She worked in life insurance sales and payroll accounting prior to full-time college. She enjoyed renovating her four homes, using her artistic and decorating talents.

In recent years, Susans personal ongoing and pro-active mission has been to make a positive impact as the Underwater Homeowner, dealing with our national mortgage crisis. Several poems reflect her outraged sentiments over these money issues. Susan is currently writing her autobiography relative to years of difficulty encountering the court system in Cleveland, Ohio.

(2012, paperback, 42 pages)