Poems for Alex

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Poems for Alex

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Poems for Alex
by John Gordon

John Gordon is from North Carolina and joined the army right after 9/11. He played high school football and read a lot of history and poetry. His favorite poets are Byron, Poe, Shakespeare, and Kipling. He went to a good college out of state, which the army paid for, and his girlfriend of seven years didnt. They eventually broke up, but as you will read in his book, he misses her very much. He has already been deployed once, and he will be deployed at the time this book is published. The vast majority of things in this book are based on real events, words, deeds, or thoughts; no one's imagination is vast enough to compare with real life, assuming one has substantial experience of life.

John plans on getting out of the army when his service time is up and moving back to North Carolina to become reacquainted with peace, trees, literature, and hopefully a girl he once knew that was very fond of his poetry.

(2010, paperback, 48 pages)