Poems for Any Song Bird to Sing

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Poems for Any Song Bird to Sing
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Poems for Any Song Bird to Sing
by Carole L. Usher

The title, Poems for Any Song Bird to Sing, has significant meaning to me. These beautiful words, that your eyes see or your ears hear when they are read to you, come from a place inside of me, given to me by God. My poems talk about love, faith, and the struggles of life, and learning to push forward. I would be truly humble if those who read my poems could find a message within them.

If you could see the world from a childs prospective, image how scary it could be. If you had a friend who suffers at the hands of another, what would you do, or say? Sometimes the lesson we learn in life can be hard. When we are on our lifes journey, just listen to the songs the song bird sings. You will find that there are answers to life problems.

About the Author

I was born in 1965, in Monticello, Georgia. In 1983 I graduated from Jackson High School. In 1987, I met my husband, Robin Usher, of Stockbridge, Georgia. In 1988, we got married and we had our daughter, Riva Shantell Usher. In 1989, we had our son Robin DeNelson Usher.

My first love has always been writing poetry. After resigning from my job in 1999 because of health issues, I concentrated on my poetry writing. It gave me a way to feel free. The gift I have comes from God. And because I kept the faith, new paths for my life have opened up.

(2012, paperback, 60 pages)