Poems to Ponder

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Poems to Ponder
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Poems to Ponder
by John McGrath

You ~ Will identify from these shoot from the hip short poems as happenings in your daily life.

You ~ Will experience dj vu as you read them. On a plane, train, bus, or wherever you may be, as you browse through this easy to read book.

You ~ Will enjoy reading them as the author enjoyed composing them. Being stored in my mind for many years as lessons in life thoughts that I share with you.

You ~ Will smile, when you refer to some, or most of them as what you have experienced in your daily walk through life.

So Pick this gem up (it is conveniently sized), putting it in your pocket, or purse as a bonus to make you ponder as to how happenings in life are generally shared by most of us.

About the Author

I have Irish ancestors, where poets are prominent. The Poet Laureate to Elizabeth I was Milar McGrath. He was also Archbishop of Ireland during her reign.

My retirement from the space industry has given me time to follow my love of composing poetry.

I am married with one son, and a grandson who is already showing a great interest in verse.

(2012, paperback, 46 pages)