Poems Written

Poems Written
Item# ISBN: 978-0-8059-9632-6

by William Wyatt

These lies, legends and verses I rhyme, came into being one line at a time. But as you will discover from cover to cover, it took a lot of pencil chewing to bring them into viewing. Enjoy it at your leisure, for your reading pleasure. Smile if you like, weep if you must. Whatever you’re seeking, your mood to adjust, you will find somewhere in these lines.

The morals projected are sure, “Don’t let the past dictate the future.”


Born in Depression-era West Virginia 1930, William Wyatt moved to southern California in 1942, when World War II was in full swing. After a brief stint in the postwar army, he worked as a gypo logger for the next forty-three years, retiring in 1991.

William Wyatt married the love of his life; together, they raised five children. His wife passed away just short of their fiftieth anniversary.

He started writing poems over a decade ago. Some have appeared in the local paper, one in a national magazine. Some like his poetry, some don’t, but you can’t please everyone….

(2004, paperback, 220 pages)

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-9632-6 [E-book]

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