Poetic Shades of Life 2

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Poetic Shades of Life 2
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Poetic Shades of Life 2

by Earnest Bartlett

This book is a compilation of poetry written in conjunction with other books published or to be published, such as Poetic Shades Of Life 1, Poetic Shades Of Life 3, Poetic Shades Of Life (The Final Scripts), Poetry In Prayer, Poetry Of The Times, and a German book of poetry titled Geschichte Aus Einem Leben (Story from a life). This book tells details of him being stalked and followed by his daughters, women who wanted to marry him, Hollywood stars, along with the judicial department and Detectives, and also many others.

The authors thoughts and answers to his problems have been put into poetry while his followers thought he was unaware of their presence behind him. His poetry is humorous and very enjoyable and each poem is accompanied by an individual explanation for the readers full understanding of what is being conveyed to them.

About the Author

Author Earnest E. Bartlett is an American citizen and an army veteran with service duties in Germany. He is a father to three children, whom he raised in Germany. He worked in a paper-recycling factory for twelve years as a machine operator in Germany. Bartlett is an Author, who has published poetry books in both German and English. His hobbies include fishing, stamp collecting, and traveling. He is a Capricorn and a humorous individual that can be accounted for and is displayed in his books of poetry.

(2013, paperback, 134 pages)