Poetically Sketched: Precious Moments

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-7978-7
Poetically Sketched: Precious Moments

by Debra C. Ridgeway Though this is Debras first book, she is not new to the world of poetry. Her work has been published in seven different anthologies: Different Beat But The Same Sound, Treasured Poems of America, Sparrowgrass Poetry Forum, December 1991; Its Time To Go, A Bouquet of Memories, The Poetry Center, Winter 1991; The Perfect Setting on a Cold Wintery Night, Voices of America, Sparrowgrass Poetry Forum, February 1992; A Dream, Pointing The Finger, and The Spell of Her Illumination, Reflections, Iliad Press, November 1991; Lies and Deceit, Visions and Beyond, Creative Arts and Science Enterprise, 1992; Silent Thoughts of a Child, In a Different Light, National library of Poetry, 1992; Praying a Silent Prayer, Treasured Poems of America, Sparrowgrass Poetry Forum, Summer 1996. Debras work has also been published in numerous church newsletters in New York and Massachusetts, as well as Lenten meditation books in Massachusetts and Virginia. Debra has presented her poetry in various forms for professional, church, family-oriented, and poetry open-mike events. Her favorite poets are e. e. cummings, Langston Hughes, and Maya Angelou. A research analyst who currently resides in Virginia, Debra comments, Poetry in the beginning for me was therapy, enabling me to deal with the problems and frustrations felt by many young people not accepted in the group. It was during these moments I learned to channel my energies in a more productive, creative, and self-satisfying way. Although I did not pursue writing as a profession I chose math I have not forgotten the peace and excitement that is generated when seeing an idea for a song or poem come to life. Though math gives me the analytical stimulation I require, poetry gives me the breath for life. (2008, paperback, 86 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.