Poetry 2

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Poetry 2
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by Nancy J. Davis

Do you have a favourite poem? Perhaps you have several. Throughout the years we all have had the opportunity to enjoy a book of poetry, whether its a book chosen as an educational tool during our learning years or was a gift from a friend or family member for a special occasion in our life.

Poetry, like the words of a song, can touch a heartstring and bring back the memory of someone or something very important in our life.

The poems Nancy J. Davis has chosen to present to you in this book will appeal to the poet in all of us young and old.

Writing has always been one of the authors passions. Its something you can do anywhere anytime and, growing up in Vancouver, where it rains considerably, she found it to be a great way to enjoy the weather inside looking out!

Nancy admits If my poetry brings a smile to your lips or a tear to your eye, then I have been successful in my efforts as a Poet.

About the Author:

Nancy J. Davis was born and raised on the west coast of Canada in the beautiful city of Vancouver, British Columbia. At the ripe old age of 7, Nancy, her sister Deanna and two brothers Bob and Dave, would put on a weekly show in the basement of their home, performing songs and reading poetry for the neighbours. Times were tough in the early years and these little performances helped bring some much needed extra money into the household.

By the time she was 15, Nancy had paid her dues by singing with many different bands as a principal singer and had travelled extensively. At the age of 21, Nancy was thrilled to be asked to join the cast as a principal singer on the national C.B.C. television show called Music Hop. Writing soon became a major part of her life with more songwriting, poetry and novels to add to her credit.

Throughout the years, Nancy has helped raise thousands of dollars through charity auctions by donating her beautifully framed and signed poetry. She is proud to present this poetry book to you and hopes you will enjoy the diversity of its contents.

(2015, Hardbound, 62 pages)