Poetry in Pieces

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Poetry in Pieces

Poetry in Pieces

By: Timothy Bergel

About the Book

Poetry in Pieces is a collection of children’s, religious, love, feeling, humor, and sadness poetry. There is happiness, sadness, and sometimes both in the same poem.

About the Author

 “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

–Albert Einstein


Timothy John Bergel is a man who has had many adventures in his daily life. Not all good, not all bad, not all remembered, or understood. He was bipolar all his life, but was not diagnosed until approximately ten years ago. He knew he was different, but never knew the answer to the eternal question “Why?” He finds peace and happiness in his writing. Strange as it may be at times, it’s a release of things stuck in his memory, and pleasantly appealing to the ordinary man and woman. We all have those moments of “why,” but to write it down and share with the everyday person is in itself a form of healing.


“Plan for the future because that is where you are going to spend the rest of your life.” –Mark Twain


Bergel has an amazing imagination and has kept a lot of it locked in a secret space in his mind. Reading his poetry will show you how the mind of a person with mental illness sees, thinks, and imagines the world around him. In his heart he believes that to change even the slightest of moments would change the wonderful and strange element of his life and the man that he’s become.


(2017, Paperback, 116 pages)

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