Poetry in Prayer

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Poetry in Prayer
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Poetry in Prayer
by Earnest Bartlett

Poetry in Prayer is a book written while the Author was homeless and without employment, other than odd jobs. Its contents are prayers, hopes and wishes with Gods presence, as reader, in mind. The contents of this book tell of plans the Author had to end his homelessness, but it also contains messages to the readers, as to problems in the worlds environment and yearning love he has for a new woman in his life. For further explanation, each poem is accompanied with its individual details to convey thoughts more precisely for better enjoyment on the readers part.

About the Author

Author Earnest E. Bartlett is a veteran of the United States Army, 51 years of age and a citizen born and living in Ohio. He is a parent to two daughters and a deceased son who he raised in Germany. His hobbies include stamp collecting, fishing, traveling and beautiful women. He writes poetry about many different aspects of life and world problems. His sacrifices and joys are many and are described within the poetry he writes. His thoughts and prayers are for those who enjoy reading poetry with a twist.

(2012, paperback, 78 pages)