Poetry, March 1991…Bronx, New York to Pittsburgh, PA…

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Poetry, March 1991…Bronx, New York to Pittsburgh, PA…
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Poetry, March 1991Bronx, New York to Pittsburgh, PA
by Mister Lucius Logan Delany, Jr.

Poetry, March 1991Bronx, New York to Pittsburgh, PAis a unique collection of poetry from the authors college years at the University of Pittsburgh. He found solace in writing and added a sense of belonging to his surrounding by undertaking this project.

Many of these poems are about moments in life that took meaning while the author was traveling through the northeast of New York City and the southwest of Pennsylvania, and with the hopes of encountering the future in the Bronx, New York. Some of the images are simplistic and some are more complex than others, but the author hopes you enjoy them equally and remember them as mirrors of a past that is gone, but not forgotten.

About the Author

Mister Lucius Logan Delany, Jr. is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh Sociology Department (BA) Bachelors program; graduate of the Community College of Allegheny County, Liberal Arts Business Degree (AA), 2005; gradate of the Social Work Department (AS) 19990s era; and has other certifications.

Delany lived in the Bronx New York from 1963 until 1980 with his incredible family. After this time he traveled to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he still currently lives. Delanys interests lie in playing the B-flat trumpet, track and field, and football. He has been writing poems since 1994. His latest business venture is in his company called E.N.E.R.G.Y. a Burke Ave Production. This venture is just beginning and awaiting to be continued to be developed to its capacity. You can contact the author directly at:

(412) 251-6562



on www.facebook.com

by mail at:

P.O. Box 59221

Pittsburgh, PA 15210